About Stichting Vrouwenruimte De Kat

Stichting Vrouwenruimte De Kat

Stichting Vrouwenruimte De Kat is an organization created by and for women. We are located in the Dapperbuurt in East of Amsterdam, near the Dappermarkt.

At De Kat, we have the goal to bring women from different backgrounds together and to improve women’s emancipation, participation, and self-reliance. Through our organization’s feminist past, De Kat provides care for women who still deal with inequalities in the 21st century.

Women from various countries, such as Morocco, Egypt, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Russia, Colombia, Ecuador, Bosnia, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Poland, Singapore, Chile, Nepal, Argentine, Pakistan and the Philippines, all participate in De Kat’s activities.

Besides offering Dutch language classes, we also provide practical information, education and hold gatherings on a wide array of topics. Serious work is being done, but together we have a lot of fun doing it. The atmosphere is relaxed and neighborly.

If you are interested or have any question, please check out www.vrouwenruimtedekat.nl or send us an email at info@vrouwenruimtedekat.nl

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